cuffedThere must be something in the air. Just weeks ago it came to light that Iberdrola, the multinational corporation behind Meadowsend Timberlands’ proposed Stiles Brook Forest industrial wind site, is the target of multiple fraud and corruption cases across Europe.

This week we find

The CEO of the company hoping to build

[Oklahoma’s] first wind farm west of Springdale embezzled about $785,000 in Oklahoma a decade ago, according to federal and state court records in Oklahoma.

Jody Davis, 40, has led Dragonfly Industries International in its bid this year to build what it says would be an 80-megawatt, multimillion-dollar wind farm on 300 acres recently annexed into Elm Springs. The proposal is winding through the Elm Springs approval process, with a proposal to rezone the land for industrial development put on hold this month by the City Council.

“I made some mistakes in my past,” Davis wrote in an emailed statement Thursday. “I paid a high price for these mistakes, including a debt to society. The experience transformed me. Since that time, I have tried to live my life as an example, so others might understand how they can be transformed.”

Years before taking Dragonfly’s helm, Davis pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering after admitting to a scheme he enacted while working as an account executive for Newsong Assembly, Windsong Marketing and Buyers Assistance, organizations in northeast Oklahoma that helped people afford to buy homes.

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