news-5Much like Iberdrola and Meadowsend Timberlands, who want to develop a massive industrial wind site at Stiles Brook Forest in Grafton and Windham, VT, money-hungry developers in Swanton, VT also want to erect a swath of 499-foot-tall wind turbines without regard to community or environmental interests. Thanks to current VT law allowing a three-person Public Service Board to make decisions for every last resident of the state, developers may still get their wish, but, interestingly, Governor Shumlin is starting to do an about-face on massive, corporate wind projects.

WPTZ Channel 5 reports:


[Swanton] turbines would be the largest in the state and close to neighborhoods, something residents said is bad for their health.

“You get a sound, it’s like an airplane going over head but it never goes away,” said Swanton resident Christine Lang who says she lives 2,000 feet from where the project would go.

“We started to do a lot of research and we found research issues with health, issues with infra sound, issue with shadow flicker,” Lang said.

Residents voted on two resolutions: Whether to approve or reject the project as proposed and if residents support state legislation that would give towns the chance to oppose projects in the future.

For their part, the ever-corporate-rubber-stamping Public Service Board warned that the results of the two resolutions are not binding, while developers whined that the wording of the resolutions made it difficult to get a fair vote.

More interesting is that Governor Shumlin is at last waking up to the Faux-Green wind debacle that he and other well-meaning politicians helped to create. Shumlin is now also saying very different things about Big Wind than he was just months ago, and it may finally spell the end of subsidy-grabs for mega-corporations like Iberdrola as well as opportunists like Meadowsend Timberlands, whose plan to develop a massive industrial wind site at Stiles Brook Forest is also expected to be voted down by Grafton and Windham, VT residents.

Said Shumlin at WPTZ:

Let’s do this the smart way, let’s do this the Vermont-home-grown way, not the out-of-state commercial way, as much as possible, because in many of the areas in Vermont that we’ve built wind … we literally do not have the transmission to move big renewable out of there and there’s no sense in building it if there’s no sense in using it.

Watch the (rather shocking)  video.