Iberdrola-Letter-to-Grafton-ResidentsGrafton residents were hardly surprised to receive a letter from corporate lobbyist and Iberdrola project manager Jenny Briot, in which Briot informs the community how and when they will vote on her Spanish- and Arab-owned mega-corporation’s plans to destroy VT ridgelines (the “Stiles Brook Forest” tract owned, ironically, by NH-based outfit Meadowsend Timberlands Ltd) and install an industrial wind project whose size and location to residences is unprecedented in the state.

Writes Briot

As presented in October, our preliminary study layout is complete, and based on our current study timeline, a final layout and economic benefits package will likely be ready for the community to review and comment on by summer of 2016…. After the presentation and subsequent comments from community members, we will be prepared to present the final project proposal along with a community benefits package for your consideration in the fall of 2016. This schedule will ensure that the communities of Windham and Grafton have an opportunity to vote on the completed project proposal in November of 2016…

According to Briot,

after a vote on a completed project proposal by the registered voters of the Town of Grafton, Iberdrola Renewables will respect the outcome of that vote.

Since the vote will be non-binding, it’s anyone’s guess why second-home owners shouldn’t be allowed to vote on the destruction of the community as well.

Nor are Grafton residents eager to believe anything said by Briot on behalf of Iberdrola, who, as reported in a recent article at the Hartford Courant, is the target of multiple fraud and corruption cases across Europe.

Click here to read the entire letter from Iberdrola, which is likely not worth the paper it’s printed on.