It seems Germans and Vermonters have much in common when it comes to their apprehension about industrial scale wind development. Indeed, the Irish and the Danes are also fed up with the behemoth wind generators. Yes, Denmark, the country hailed as the gold standard in their embrace of wind energy….

At True North Reports, Alice Dubenetsky looks at multinational issues coming to light regarding, well, multinational industrial wind corporations.

Danish Doctor Mauri Johansson, MD, MHH, a specialist in Community and Occupational Medicine, notes

“The comment made by retired Danish High Court judge Peter Roerdam in the Copenhagen Post on 16th November, 2012 that wind power is “an industry which has thoroughly corrupted the political system” is all too true, in my experience, and comes at the direct expense of the health of Danish people.

It is clear the institutional political corruption, and the lack of professional ethics on the part of wind industry acousticians and public health researchers, who ignore or deny the existence of the sleep and health problems and the consequent serious long-term damage to health, is not limited to Denmark.”

Institutional corruption indeed. The mega-corp with its eye on Souther Vermont, Iberdrola, is the target of multiple fraud and corruption cases across Europe.

Not to say that the Vermont’s problems are limited to Iberdrola. Dubenetsky notes that Vermont also faces “big wind” from the likes of

David Blittersdorf, CEO of All Earth Renewables, who is currently in a pitched battle with the residents of Irasburg, where he proposes to built two 500 foot turbines on property he owns on Kidder Hill. At a meeting in August, residents were told they would have to “raise some particular hell” to fight Blittersdorf’s development plans. Two speakers detailed the damage wind towers have caused near their homes in Lowell and Sheffield. Steve McGrath, of nearby Lowell, spoke of deafening noise and proclaimed his land “scrap value” due to the development.

At a special Select Board meeting in October, 97 percent of the town voted NO to approval of Blittersdorf’s development plans. This is the man who has informed Vermonters that they can expect wind turbines on one-third of Vermont’s ridgelines.

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